Back-to-school Dental Exams: 6 Questions to Ask Your Dentist  

People have been dealing with dental health issues for a very long time. Since its inception, dentistry has grown significantly, and now we have different technologies to help us maintain good oral health. We can take care of both adult and children's teeth.


Cavities are the main issue for many children regarding dental health. It is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the United States. When left untreated, cavities can affect speech, eating habits, learning, and playing.


According to the CDC, children with poor oral health miss school more often and have poor grades. Because of these issues, it is essential to have back-to-school dental exams for your child. Read on to learn six main questions you should ask your dentist.


What Is the Overall State of My Child's Dental Health?


When your child is at the dentist's, they will have their whole mouth examined. The dentist will check for any cavities that may have started to form or any plaque that may be accumulating. They will also check if your child's bite is okay and if their teeth align properly.


Another thing the dentist will analyze is the possibility of any issues occurring in the future. Knowing the state of your child's oral health will help you prepare for the future.


Does My Child Need a Dental Cleaning Today?


After the initial exam, the dentist will have a clear picture of your child's oral health. One of the things they may deem necessary is dental cleaning. Dental cleanings before school are great to catch up on any time your child missed brushing their teeth. Also, you may find that the dentist still insists on dental cleaning even if your child has a good routine.


Will WeNeed an X-ray?


Dentists use X-rays to monitor the progress of your child's growing teeth. They give the dentist a comprehensive picture of the internal health of the child's teeth. The dentists can examine the roots and the spaces between the teeth where some cavities may form. X-rays, however, are not done regularly, and a dentist may only request one if they think it is necessary.


Will My Child Need Sealants?


Sealants are a great way to ensure your child does not get cavities. Dentists usually place them over the permanent back teeth, but they are not replacements for good oral hygiene. Your child will still need to brush twice a day. They only help keep the teeth that are hard for your child to reach with a toothbrush free of plaque.


Will My Child Need to Have a Mouthguard?


Some children are very active and may need extra protection when playing. You can ask your dentist if your child will need a mouthguard for the sport they are playing. Also, your dentist will advise on whether to change it if your child also has one already.


How Do I Maintain My Child's Oral Health?


Keeping your child's oral health in the best shape will ensure good teeth even when grown up. Your dentist can give you some brushing techniques and tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy.


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