7 Qualities Every Good Dentist Should Have

Finding a reliable dentist can be challenging. The American Dental Association advises people to look for certain qualities in the dentist that suit their needs. Your dental care provider must help you beyond the treatment chair. Here are the seven qualities that you must look for in a good dentist. 




Your dentist must always think about your comfort. Accommodating you should be a priority. Keeping you relaxed and calm must not be a problem at all. The sedation dentistry that you prefer must present no problem, especially if you suffer from dental anxiety. Your dentist must not make you feel bad about requesting things that can bring you comfort during the appointment. 


Good Communicator


It is important to find a dentist who can set a healthy and open path of communication with you. You should be comfortable telling your dentist what your dental issues are. Your dentist must then explain the possible solutions to your issue and listen to your preferences. You and your dentist must work together to figure out the most timely and affordable option for you. 




Your dentist must always have true intentions in providing care. Asking about your comfort level and respecting your decision to get a second opinion are important. The dentist you choose must not be pushy in choosing a treatment plan for you. You must choose someone who does not make you feel guilty about the state of your dental health. Talking to you must not sound like your dentist is reading from a cue card. A good dentist should make you feel secure and be honest about your dental health. 




The dentist you choose must not shame or judge any patient whose oral health is not so good. Your dentist must welcome you and treat you with empathy. Shaming you must not be on your dentist’s list. The clinic must be a safe place for anyone. 


Has Extensive Knowledge and Training


Your dentist must have a wide selection of services and products to offer. Each of them must have the best outcome. The dentist you choose must have associations with credible institutions. Licenses must be up-to-date as well.


Hygienic in Every Way


There should be strict hygiene practices in your dentist’s clinic. This is important for protecting the practice, the patients, and the dentist from injury or disease. Your dentist must have a sterilizing station. Sanitizing the area and dental equipment is necessary. This can help give you peace of mind as you sit in the treatment chair. 




Your dentist must be able to provide you with proper dental care when you need it. Emergency treatments must be available to you. It can be difficult to wait for a regular appointment when you have a hurting tooth during the weekend. This availability can ensure your dental health and your general well-being. 

A good dentist can improve your dental health while maintaining a pleasant dentist-patient relationship with you. At Glacier Dental, we aim to help our patients achieve better tooth and gum health through our quality dental care products and services. Feel free to visit our clinics in Anchorage, Alaska, for an in-person consultation. Call 907-222-6000 to set an appointment or ask about our different dental products and services.

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