Supplementing Your Natural Teeth


When a tooth is lost, it is best to replace the tooth with a non-removable replacement as promptly as possible. You are probably familiar with traditional “bridgework”, which uses natural teeth as supports for bridges that span the space where teeth have been lost. Realize that these bridges have not increased the support which was present when the natural tooth was there in the mouth. The artificial tooth of the bridge does not have a root. As teeth are lost, the amount of available root support in the mouth decreases. In effect, we have increased the load on each remaining tooth because there are fewer of them. This can be compared with losing fence. The fence is no longer as strong as it was earlier. In the case of the fence, it is obvious that fence posts need to be added so that the amount of support wil be increased, and similarly there area in the mouth need more support (which can be provided by replacing the missing root structure with implants).

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